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March 15, 2013
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This poem is for all the wonderful women, ladies, girls

And I think women actually may rule the world,

But humans of the female persuasion are more than pearls

They’re diamonds; critical to man and his kind, but if men do rule the Earth,

It’s probably a woman’s universe

And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

The world is yours and you can do anything your heart desires

And to the stereotypes and prejudice, you ladies should throw to fire

You’re more than just a pretty face, an object of desire, or housewife

You’re not meant to just play with barbies or like pink, being into sports is more than fine

You’re far more than the exterior; you are the inside

You’re the soul and mind, the most important part of a human being

You’re more than a damsel in distress, you can be Katniss Everdeen

You can be the focus of the music that everyone sings

You can be the face of an entire nation, if you wanna be

If you apply yourself you can simply be anything

And don’t let anyone make you feel you’re worth less than what you deserve

You are a gift to this Earth; go out on your terms;

Not a man’s, another girl’s, or even the world’s

‘Cause remember, if this Earth isn’t your planet, you can own the universe

I was inspired to write this when I was listenin' to Shad's - "Keep Shining" and this sick story my dad told me about this politician. But I won't go on about that. :XD: This is just a positive writing about wonderful women. :) My two best friends are girls, and I'm proud to say that a few of the greatest blessings in my life are women. :aww: So just a corny-ish poem, writin' about women! :dummy:

All feedback is appreciated. Whether you love it, like it, or hate it; I wanna hear what you guys think of it. :)
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lacymyra Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Student Artist
lol men have been writing about women since Adam and Eve. Good job on this :)
chromeantennae Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Haha, they're pretty important. :giggle:
But in all seriousness, thank you so much. :)
lacymyra Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Student Artist
lol no prob. It's nice to run into a guy that believes girls actually have potential.
chromeantennae Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
All people do. At least an inkling. It's all about finding it, right? :aww:
lacymyra Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Student Artist
true :)
chromeantennae Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
AllVideosOwn Featured By Owner May 15, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I appreciate this piece. I understand modern-day feminism.

But men, they really do run into the same problems.

While women's gender stereotypes erode like feminism is the Colorado River, men get none of the benefits, and instead have to just sit there as feminists keep on going, sometimes even blaming men for their former problems. Former problems.

I, as a very feminine man, end up at the very bottom of the social order, because men's gender stereotypes haven't gone anywhere to the point where both genders look down on me for being who I am.
chromeantennae Featured By Owner May 15, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Lol, I think someone else either commented with something similar on one of these types of pieces of mine, but I understand that men have problems. I'm kind of a male myself? But if we were to look to silence people-- that's why they "keep going on," everyone's got something bugging at them, you gotta give 'em a platform to speak. But, really this isn't even that deep. I wrote this when I was 16 and this isn't about men. It's just about my particular philosophy.

I'm sorry you gotta deal with it though, but I honestly haven't the slightest idea what to tell you on that.
maglo1 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much, you just made my day! ;)
chromeantennae Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I'm so happy to hear that! :D I'm truly honored you liked this piece and decided to share your thoughts on it with me. <3
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