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Hello everyone! My name is Ricky Alaniz otherwise known as chromeantennae and today, I wanna give you guys a little guide on how I really got started here. How I got my name out there a little bit more and really got the courage to do more around these parts.

First off, understand that 99% of the literature community here on deviantART will give you just as much in return as you give back to it. It's a natural, human thing. But if you don't give back, you won't receive. That's always the number one thing to remember, but also that we're all here to support each other. Even the most popular of deviants started right where you are. Yes, even the Senior Members and lit CVs were newbies here on this site at one point too. And I know some people are intimidated by Senior Members and literature CVs but these folks are the LAST people to be intimidated by! They're in these positions for the exact opposite reasons-- they're not evil-doers or big bad monsters ready to reject whatever you suggest (What are you suggesting? I'll get to that in a bit.) to them; they're the complete and total opposite! Most of 'em are extremely kind and wonderful people!

Secondly, if you're just starting out and really need/want more eyes on your literature postings I'd recommend art collecting groups and literature groups that have unlimited submissions. (I can lead these groups to you if you'd like.) You'll always get a few more viewers that way, it may got lost in the shuffle just a little bit, but every little bit helps to get your works and name out there. 

Groups I'd recommend first, are some I watch over personally and help run. This way, you know as a member of one of these groups you'll always have a friend in me to back you up there:

And other groups that are just plain awesome for the communities around here:

There are also some warm deviants that I paid close attention to when trying to figure out how to make my mark here. And in their own little ways (without really knowing it), they were extremely instrumental to my success and learning the ins and outs along the way. They're inspirations, community leaders and I'm blessed to say friends now too.

A few are:

But also, I had a lot of other incredible friends who supported me from the very beginning too:

This place is the best once you know really know how to utilize it. Another IMPORTANT key though, is to be social! Comment on others' work to get back. Most definitely. Once you give, you will receive. That's how it works here. I can not stress that enough. It may be time consuming but you must comment, comment, comment. Also, as neurotype suggests, "I would add that when you're commenting, be smart. Start a conversation. I don't mean just awkwardly sidle up on someone's page and be like 'hey how is your day wanna read my story', I mean talk about their work and get into it. Everyone loves discussing their stuff, and hopefully has the common sense and decency to reciprocate there." And I absolutely could not agree more! It shows that you're paying attention, that you care enough to delve into someone's work that they really worked hard on!

And for those high on critiques, if you have the time and someone requests it, give it a go! I personally don't care for critiques, but I have done them in the past. (And I really need to probably get back to it.) Participate in group activities, in deviants' contests and just make sure people see your username doing something around the lit. community! Heck, even deviantART chatrooms and forums can help you with meeting new people and getting involved! Using every tool at your disposal will help you meet like minds and some truly wonderful people! The ultimate point is this, you absolutely have to give feedback, get social, and get involved in order to receive anything in return. It's what makes this community so wonderful. 

Another great way to get involved is through suggesting Daily Literature Recognition pieces and Daily Deviations. (Remember those big bad monsters I was talkin' about? This is where you talk to and help these cuddly bears.) Daily Deviations (DDs) help get the community more attention as a whole from the masses of deviantART as a whole and Daily Literature Recognition (DLRs) helps recognize literature from a more internal standpoint! I know when I first got my DLR (formerly known as DLD), I was bouncing off the walls happy, so you can only imagine my second! And theeeen, you'd have to really be here to see how I flipped out over my first and second Daily Deviations.

Here are the Literature CVs (and their suggestion guidelines) that do SO much around here and also feature the DDs (And Trevor 'cause he wants to be fancy, and have a different symbol next to his name 'cause he's a big baller-shot caller and stuff):
IrrevocableFate's Guidelines.
GrimFace242's Guidelines.
ShadowedAcolyte's Guidelines. 
SingingFlames Guidelines. (Fanfiction)
wreckling's Guidelines. 

(NOTE: Daily Deviation featurees can only be featured once every 6 months.)

And here are ALL of the DLR admins (and their suggestion guidelines) that feature and recognize wonderful literature as well:
Poetry Admins:
Medoriko's Guidelines
ssensory's Guidelines.
UnspecifiedUnknown's Guidelines can be found on profile. 
TheTerrorOfTheDeep's Guidelines can be found on profile. [ON LEAVE]

Prose Admins:
Naktarra's Guidelines.
doodlerTM's Guidelines.
VertigoArt's's Guidelines can be found on profile.
SMAdams's Guidelines.
SpriteBlayde's Guidelines. Can also be found on profile.

Swing Admins:
DrippingWords' Guidelines.
chromeantennae's Guidelines. Can also be found on profile.
AyeAye12's  Guidelines. Can also be found on profile
herbodyismycoffin's Guidelines. Can also be found on profile.
WorldWar-Tori's Guidelines. Can also be found on profile.

Foreign Language Admins:
Malintra-Shadowmoon's Guidelines can be found on profile.
ArtCrusade's Guidelines.
Wordeea's Guidelines can be found on profile.
OoJitkaoO's Guidelines.

Special Swing Admins:
SilverInkblot's Guidelines can be found on profile.
Carmalain7's Guidelines.
BlakeCurran's Guidelines.
Aerode's Guidelines.
(NOTE: Featureess can only be featured once a month.)

Also, your own personal features help a ton too! Feature artwork you love in your own journals! Show people what YOU like and show them what interests YOU. You could even do it creatively by interviewing people! There are so many incredible interview (You can find my personal feature/interview series, 'Adjusting The Antennae' on my profile.) and feature methods you could take on-- the options are limitless! And hey, maybe you'll find a fellow deviant with the same interests. And maybe that person becomes a friend and lookie there, your bros for life. Showing love to your community helps a great deal. And it makes people feel good. What's not great about that?

Speaking of great features, here are just a few examples of them:
Hidden Talents VIIII keep finding all these gorgeous artworks and I want to share them with you. All of these deviants are unknown/unappreciated, and could deserve more attention. Please be sure to visit their galleries and spread the love!  Heart
More of these journals will be published in the coming days, with only five deviants featured per article, so keep an eye out. If you know any deviant who is deserving of more attention, please Note note me their name La la la la 




Pure Excellence (2)A feature showcasing some of the fantastic literature pieces I've read over the past month or two. La la la la The folder where these Deviations are located can be found on both my main page and this link here. I've also included some other Favorites from different folders, which includes visual artwork.

you're wearing isadora's scarves by counting-vertebrae
John Coltrane (1964) by outsidelogic
Mist over the Water by Malintra-Shadowmoon
Over the picket fence bridge by marcelflisiuk
Ghost in the Radio by FlickeringCandle
Love dA Lit: Issue 170Welcome to the one-hundred seventieth issue of Love dA Lit! Every Sunday this article will aim to promote volunteer opportunities, various resources, prompts, challenges, and workshops, as well as highlighting various contests. This is by no means a complete list of all the literature going-ons, merely a tool to help you get involved and stay informed.
LITplease's Community Portal
A Smattering of Lit News

Literature Links | Workshops, Prompts and Challenges
Literature Contests | Resources | Open Admin Positions
May DD Double FeatureEvery month we’ll be randomly selecting three deviants that received a Daily Deviation as well as a Daily Deviation suggester to give a short interview.  Our goal is learn a little more about the community, its members and of course resolve the ever challenging question of which is better, pie or cake.
This month we’ve interviewed:
:iconStevenGilby: :iconJZLobo: :iconsaltwaterlungs: :iconhomunculus888:
StevenGilby Received a Daily Deviation on Wild Vampire Chase
:bulletblack: Since your work got a DD, are you planning to do anything more with it? If so, what?
More vampire stuff, for sure, but nothing with that particular piece. I feel like the story was told well enough to let it stand alone.
:bulletblack: Was your DD a self suggestion to one of the Lit CVs? If not, would you ever self suggest? If so, what made you select this piece to suggest over your others?
To be honest, I've been asking a frie
'Best of'. 1st Edition: Best of Free-Verse:love: Hello lovelies :love:  
I have been twirling around ideas in my head for a feature I could do and a "Best of" type thing is what I came up with. I figured I would start my first edition of this with a Best of Free Verse. I scoured through portions of dA via groups, people I have read, and those I have not. I hope that this collection of 24 Free Verse poems will inspire you or just be a pleasurable read. Please take the time to check these poets out as they are amazing and are all deserving of having their works featured.
I will be taking theme suggestions for next weeks Best of , if anyone has any. You can comment here or note a suggestion to me. Also if you want to SUGGEST a work of art to me for any of the series, feel free to do so as well.
League of Lit Groups: Vol. 11Like groups? Want to join a group's admin team? Well this article is for you! Posted once a month this article will revisit one past group spotlight from Love dA Lit and one literature group who is in need of admins to help with their various group activities. :heart:
Discuss: What groups are you a member of?
:groups: This month we will be revisiting SixWordStories and taking a look at PowerfulWriting! :groups:

Group in Need | Past Spotlight | Contacting Me

In Need
" PowerfulWriting is a group meant to help writers grow into their own style and voice. Our focus is not showcasing so much as improving, with an emphasis on giv
Daily Literature Recognition May 6, 2014Daily Lit Recognition for May 6th, 2014
We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Recognition!

You can show your support by :+favlove:ing this News Article. 
Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists!
Suggested by: SilverInkblot
Featured by: ladyshadowrage

Ode To A Pair Of Hiking Shoes by NathanielFlyingOwl
You can learn a surprising amount about a person by studying one thing about them - in this case, a pair of shoes.
Suggested by: MagicalJoey
Featured by: TwilightPoetess

making tea by 
FeaturesI just wanted to take some time to share some lovely works I have read on here. It was a rainy day today, and I had a cup of hot cocoa, this was the loveliest way to spend the afternoon. Thank you, all you lovely poets! :)

War by WeirdAndLovely*Lost in Love* by Delice1941
a poem on the inner workings of my chaotic mind by PrussianPersephonePart of being Human: by Lawli-Artsheepskin by Nullibicity
A Call to Conversation--:devblackbowfin:Welcome to the 26th article focusing on featuring and getting to know the deviants behind the work! This series will be posted every Wednesday. If you have a deviant you'd like to see included, please send TwilightPoetess a note with the subject "Call to Conversation"--make sure to include the deviant's name as well as a reason you think they'd make a good interview subject! Also, feel free to send along a question or two you'd like to have answered by them!

This week's feature is BlackBowfin!
Relatively new to my watch list, Scott's writing has, nonetheless, evoked a series of
strong and thought-provoking emotions.  If you haven't checked out his work yet,
you definitely should!

So--does your user name have a meaning? Mind sharing with us if so?

Yes it does. I originally joined dA to get post my vector/graphic design artwork. I’ve always clung to the fish, as a visual symbol. It makes sense in that I’m a

Now, do you think you can go out there and give it a whirl?! I know you can do it! I believe in you! And if you need a little nudge, I will certainly help you with that. It's what I wanna do here! Just let me know if you ever need anything. I got your back!

I know, not the most technical guide ever but I didn't come up on ultra-techniques. It came from just living and learning, y'know? Really though, I wish you all the best of luck and if you ever need help navigatin' this site, as I've said before you can always come to me; I'll gladly be of service to you all or at the very least lead you to someone who can be helpful to you.

And here are other great articles on the topic of becoming more involved with deviantART and the literature community here; articles written by BloodshotInk, LiliWrites, and Medoriko respectively:
How to get more views on your LiteratureHow to get more views on your Literature
    This article is an exploration of a common question on DeviantART in the Literature community; "How do I get more views?" If you read all of this you win a pony.
    Lately there has been a lot of discussion around the site about ways to expand the literature community and the visibility of literature on the site. It has been noted that a lot of people believe that site changes by the DeviantART team will help them get more attention for their work. It has also been noted in the past that when new features are instigated (such as more html, better thumbnails and stash) that people often interpret whether or not they have a direct positive effect on their own views as a way of telling if the new feature is worthwhile or not.
    It has been suggested that the community and individuals therein should themselves take more responsibility for creating opportunities and maximising poten
DeviantART: A Critical Community (Part 1)You may have heard...
From the most novice to the most accomplished, dA is home to artists of all types and skills. This mish-mash of talent, experience, knowledge, and eagerness to learn creates a beautiful opportunity for mentorships between those who are learning and those who are willing to lend their time and patience to a burgeoning new artist or writer. But forming those relationships can be daunting for those looking for help and unfulfilling for those offering that help. 
This is the first of a two part article series that aims to address a few key points of miscommunication that seem to be common between those willing to offer critique and constructive commentary and those seeking feedback. You may have heard that the critique community on deviantART "sucks" or "doesn't exist", but I'll humbly beg to disagree. I've been an activ
DeviantART: A Critical Community (Part 2)You may have heard...
From the most novice to the most accomplished, dA is home to artists of all types and skills. This mish-mash of talent, experience, knowledge, and eagerness to learn creates a beautiful opportunity for mentorships between those who are learning and those who are willing to lend their time and patience to a burgeoning new artist or writer. But forming those relationships can be daunting for those looking for help and unfulfilling for those offering that help. 
This is the second of a two part article series that aims to address a few key points of miscommunication that seem to be common between those willing to offer critique and constructive commentary and those seeking feedback. You may have heard that the critique community on deviantART "sucks" or "doesn't exist", but I'll humbly beg to disagree. I've been an active participant i
Being devious: A Guide to the dA Lit CommunityI've been asked frequently, in the last few weeks, by some new members in the lit community about exactly HOW they can hit the ground running in terms of their activity on dA. It goes beyond just submitting great pieces and hoping for the best. I came across various methods over these 8 years I've been around, and I wish I had been told a lot of these things when I first started. I discovered a lot of things by trial and error. So, I figure it would be a nice gesture to help out some of the deviants who have been inquiring about what course of action to take now that they are here. Here are some useful articles that will probably say most of the things I'm going to:
 These two articles are more in-depth, so I would highly suggest taking a look here.
As for my own personal experiences, here are some ways of getting yourself out there.
1. Comment, comment, comment.
Maybe even a critique or two, if you're feeling daring. Think of the

Other quick, miscellaneous tips for those that don't know:
To "tag/mention" people there are multiple ways to do so.

:icon(insertusernamehere): (without the parenthesis.)
:dev(iconusernamehere): (without the parenthesis.)
@(insertusernamehere) (without the parenthesis)

As such: @(chromeantennae) (without the parenthesis looks like) chromeantennae. Same with chromeantennae.
And here's the icon: :iconchromeantennae:.

Other tips are how to use st.ash writer that you will find in the st.ash folder. (Scroll over the submit button and you'll see the st.ash link.) There it works similarly to Google Documents/Microsoft Word/etc.

As well as certain font codes!
< b > and < /b > (without spaces; to end the code) do this your words!

< i > and < /i > (without spaces; to end the code) do this your words!

< u > and < /u > (without spaces; to end the code) do this to your words!

< tt > and < /tt > (without spaces; to end the code) do this to your words!

< sub > and  < / sub > (without spaces; to end the code) do this to your words!

< small > and < /small  > (without spaces; to end the code) do this to your words.

< strike > and < /strike  > (without spaces; to end the code) do this to your words. 

Also, here's a great tutorial on how to embed codes and links as well, courtesy of neurotype:
How to Share Code by neurotype

And that's really all for now folks! Hopefully that was comprehensive enough for you all! And if you need anything from me, note or comment on my page and I'll will help you as soon as I can.

One last thing! Please, please spread this journal around to those that may need this. Your altruism and kindness to others is a beautiful thing, indeed.

Oh, of course, finally, have a wonderful day/night wherever you may be reading this from! 
And remember! You're all beautiful, amazing, and incredible. Yes, YOU. 
The more information I receive that I feel is valid, this will be updated! :D
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CaptainTomSilver Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014  New member
Thanks, I'll make sure to use this post as a waypoint for my journey on DA.
I wasn't sure I was in the right place or doing the right thing by sharing excerpts of my upcoming sci-fi through Journals but this has eased my fears.

Have a wonderful day.
chromeantennae Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I'm so glad this has helped you, sir. :)
You have a wonderful day, as well. And if you need anything, come to me. :salute:
worknull Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2014  New member Hobbyist Writer
Thanks so much for writing this, I was feeling a little swamped by all the features that DA has and really wasn't sure what to do to join in properly :) I think this'll be a great help though! :D
chromeantennae Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank YOU so much for the comment. I'm glad it was helpful and thank you so much for adding me to your watchlist as well! :)
JohnAshleigh Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014  Professional Writer
Incredibly helpful. Thankyou.
chromeantennae Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank YOU for commenting, sir. :salute:
JohnAshleigh Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014  Professional Writer
It made a lot of sense. I'll try to comment more and get some work out there.
chromeantennae Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Also, thank you so much for adding me to your watchlist, John! I really appreciate it. :)
JohnAshleigh Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014  Professional Writer
No problem. :)
chromeantennae Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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